Le Vernis - Frenzy

September is here and for most of us the end of summer and we all love summer! But who said Fall had to be boring? I actually really enjoy fall, specially for its colours. And it is colour what I wanted to talk (or write) about today, more accurately nail colour and even more precisely the new Nail Colour - Frenzy by Chanel which I'm hopelessly in love with. 

 I have always been a fan of nude nail polishes as they make your hand look thinner and in my opinion very elegant. This is, to me, a very special colour since I even find hard to describe...it is a pretty, greyish taupe and it is part of the 2012 Autumn Collection. 

Peter Philips - 
creative director of Chanel Make-Up - 
created just one Le Vernis shade 
to complement 
the crystal and mineral-themed collection
 and make up look 
at the show.

The one thing that always worries me about light and specially nude nail polishes is the application. 
When I went to buy this varnish the lady at the counter warned me that it's application was difficult but I didn't even questioned it and bought it, the colour was pretty enough for me to pay £18 and not care about how streaky it could be. As soon as I got home, I started painting my nails and to my surprise application was so nice and easy! Not streaky at all and as I was in a rush I only did one coat but if you want to get an opaque colour you should add a second coat. I also find that the density is just perfect and the formulation good enough for my nails to last 5 days - with no base or top coat. 

Chanel also came out with two other shades for their Fall Collection, Vertigo and Suspicious which I don't own - yet ;)
What do you think? Have you tried any of them?
Would you like me to do a make-up tutorial for their flawless skin and perfect ponytail? 

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