Hi friends, 
yesterday I decided to go to Leeds and would have never expect for it to be that busy. I woke up early to a freezing temperature so I thought I'd be nice to wear my inherited mink fur coat. I not sure if it's a compliment but I got told I looked like taken from an Winter advert or the Narnia wardrobe, cute comments. 
Leeds was already dressed in it's christmas outfit with this incredibly sparkly tree in my beloved Victoria Quarter. 

Now on what I originally planned to post about. I wasn't really planning to buy anything for myself as my intention was just to get some presents for my family and friends but I believe a girl deserves treats once in a while, so I decided to do so. 
and I went into Harvey Nichols, again NOT planning to buy anything but this time I felt... 

... for this cute little ring from Chloé. It's gold tone brass while the logo embossed. I chose the peach pink colour but they had a neutral tope and a purple. All very nice. It's 0.5 cm width. 
It comes in a very nice stamped box and also a little bag stamped as well so you can keep it safe when you don't have it on, not that this will happen any time soon ;) Also there's a Chloe card.

I think this is a very cute present now that Christmas is coming, for a special friend, mum, sister, girl-friend and they're nice for stacking as well. I wear mine in my heart finger and in case you're wondering I'm a size 54. I would post a picture me of wearing it but I don't have the loveliest of hands haha. 



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