Tea Thursday #1 · Chai Tea Latte

Brrrr.... Hi lovelies, 

I'm currently loving tea, every type of tea so I thought I could do a series of posts and I'm going to call it 'Tea Thursday'. It is pretty self explanatory but basically I'm going to post my fav tea of the week every thursday and review it. Tell me who doesn't love a cup of tea in this weather...
Can you believe it? is the end of March and its snowing! 

A few weeks ago, I went to London for a very exciting trip, I was going to get a behind the scenes of a marvelous hotel, The Dorchester. When I get a train to London I have this little tradition and I always get Starbucks for breakfast, this time was Chai Tea Latte and Almond Biscotti. I posted this a picture on Twitter...

It was the first time I had had a Chai Tea Latte and I absolutely loved it! 
It has a very special taste, and it's probably not for everybody. If you LOVE spices (ginger and cinnamon mainly) you'll enjoy this tea, if otherwise, forget about it.

It had a few days now that I was craving this speciality tea so I thought, why don't you make it yourself? But in a very busy timetable, like mine, this is very time consuming so I decided to go to Starbucks and buy a box. I asked the barista whether with this I could get the same results as the one I had to go but they weren't too sure but I can assure you, you do!



They explained me that in store they used chai syrup instead of a tea bag but I can't taste the difference! 
This tea is so comforting in this British cold weather and particularly if you're in bed weather cozy clothes.

But like anything in Starbucks, you couldn't expect it to be cheap, £3.99 for 15 tea bags or 45g. The bags feel very luxurious and I'd be happy to pay the same prince again.

· Preparation ·

I feel a bit silly explaining this, since it is very simple but just in case...

I used the same water as milk. I put the tea bag in boiling water and left  it for about 5 minutes and added steamed milk to it, you can add some sugar or cinnamon or honey but I liked it as it was. I'm still going to experiment a bit more and try different ways of preparing it and ingredients to add. 

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