Makeup Monday no.1: Organization

Welcome to Makeup Monday, 

I think the title is pretty self explanatory but nonetheless I shall explain. Basically, I am going to write makeup posts on Mondays. I love makeup and most girls do. First of all, I am no makeup artist but I try my best ;) 

I am going to inaugurate Makeup Monday with my makeup organization...

You can see I do not own a lot of makeup compared to other bloggers, that is because I like to choose it thoughtfully and because my wallet can't meet the demand my head can. I am slowly building up my makeup collection but that will be another post. I do have a couple of palettes but I keep them separately. 

This Enamelware Pots with Tray are from The White Company. They are actually meant for herbs for your kitchen but I think it looks nice in my bathroom counter and it is different from the standard Muji storage, which I also love but a change is always good! 

In the first pot I store my blushes and compacts. 

I use the middle one for my brushes and pencils, and because I couldn't find glass beads in any store near me I went to the supermarket and bought a packed of coffee beans which I think it even looks nicer because it contrasts the white plus it smells lovely (only if you like coffee, of course). 

In the third pot I have my lipsticks and mascara, basically anything in a tube also supported by coffee beans.

On the handle I tend to keep (although you can't see in the pics)  a hair clip and bobby-pins I use when I do my makeup. I had my hair oil in between the pots but it looked a bit cluttered so I keep it separately now. In front of the tray I keep my loose powder, I think the packaging looks very sumptuous and so is the product...

I hope you have found it useful, I would appreciate any other tips or suggestions or even more pictures of how you store your makeup. 

Have an amazing day

Love xxx


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