100 subscribers on Weheart it, thank you!!

I joined Weheart it years ago and I have been hearting non-stop since I discovered. Such a fantastic font of inspiration. Now I have over 100 subscribers, I know some people have thousands but I am happy over a hundred people enjoy images I love.

I have over 10,000 hearts which tells you how much love I have given this website. It is funny because when I go back to my old hearts I know when I hearted a certain picture from what it says, it is a bit of a history of me, when I've had strong moments, happy or sad ones I feel like my dashboard tells a story.

Most of my Courage for the Week photos are from Weheart it!

If you don't know this website I encourage you to check it out, make an account and see if you can stop hearting!

You can check out my profile here.

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