15 things every woman should have

Initial inspiration came from Tom Ford's 15 things a man should have and then I read 15 this a woman should have by Leandra Medine for Harpers Bazaar so I thought I ought to write my own list.
I know Rome wasn't built in one day but this list is a good start.

1. Self love. By this I mean self respect, knowing, caring and taking responsibility for oneself. Completely different from being arrogant, conceited or egocentric.

2. The power to say no.

3. The confidence to say yes. 

4. A good red and nude lipstick

5. A good quality white crispy shirt

6. A fine piece of jewelry. Earrings (my choice of preference), necklace, ring, bracelet, doesn't matter... as long as you wear it with grace, otherwise it will look tacky and untasteful. If it has a sentimental value even better. 

7. A luxury set of lingerie/nightwear. It does not matter if you're single, you're allowed to should feel sexy even if you're alone and remember, the inside is what matters, right? 

8. Sincerity and humility. Believe me, they go hand in hand.

9. A diary. Iphone, iPad do not count. Smythson or Moleskine are great choices. 

10. A pampering evening once in a while. More often than not. However, this does not mean you can skip on your daily skin, body and hair care routine. 

11. A kind smile (and heart). Remember, "It's better to be the one who smiled, than the one who didn't smile back" - Mari Gayatri Stein.

12. A good pair of tweezers. I reccommed Rubis, you can find them on Cult Beauty

13. A signature perfume. Should be fresh and not overpowering. Forget teenage sweet. Mine is Diorella. 

14. A sense of humour. NB: Sarcasm is not in fact a sense of humour. 

15. A pair of black leather boots or jacket or trousers, bag... perfect for giving your outfit and edgy casual umph. 

16. Hygiene. Very very very important, please, thank you.

Inspiration for this post came when I read The Mans Repeller 15 Things every woman should have on Harpers Bazaar. Credit goes to Leandra Medine.

Coming Soon... "Things every man should have from a woman's perspective?" 

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