Favourite pictures of the week no.1 Spring Summer 2014 Paris Haute Couture

I spent some part of this weekend thinking about new ideas for my blog and I thought I'd do an edit about my favourite pictures for the past week, what has inspired me for the last seven days. 

The major event this week has been Paris Spring 2014 Haute Couture week so this post I'm going to recap and show you my favourite moments.  

This Elie Saab gown has to be the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. The entire collection was a floral fairytale and very romantic. This was my favourite look of the collection, a dégradé gown. 
Another of my favourite looks was the beautiful white dress pictured above, a dream wedding dress. 

"Women often ask me for dresses like the bridal one I showed today," said Saab after the show. "They want their dreams to come true and that's what we try to do." 

Part fairytale, part modern princess, Giambattista Valli – full of delicious colour and sumptuous decoration but expertly swerving any frothy or saccharine eccentricity. 

Giambattista Valli, was one of my favourite shows with Chanel and Elie Saab. The decorations on the dresses were expertly placed, the mixture of texture and the glorious colour combinations matched to perfection. 

The layering in these two dresses was marvelous again beautiful colours, white a rose and grey mixed together. 

My last choice from Valli is the cerise and raspberry short dress which raised a few eyebrows at the front, was risky and still very classy. Another rich, fabulous fabric.

Georges-Hobeika another Lebanese designer, presented us with an extremely beautiful and delicate collection. One of my dreams has always been to marry in a Haute Couture gown and if that isn't enough keep it exposed in my dressing room in a glass box.

“I never want anyone to wear anything that they don’t want to wear but I think this is a very sophisticated way to dress,” declared Karl after the show.

Earlier on last week I dedicated a post to Chanel's show and their sneakers but today I couldn't resist sharing one last look with you.

Couture is all about high fashion, embellishments and tailoring dreams coming true...

My very last pictures are not going to be about a dress but about some guests; 

Allison Williams looked beautiful as ever at the Dior show. Her hair, makeup and sweet appearance was flawless.

Another girl crush, Elena Perminova looking utterly beautiful at Valli's show. She was an exquisite sense of style.

These three shows have awaken the endless romantic within me, I am in a exceptionally happy mood inspired by spring. 

Hope you have a lovely week

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