Courage for the Week no.7 Be the best version of yourself

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about self love and today we're going back to the topic. 

I think it is important to look up to someone, find someone who inspires you to become a better person but some people get lost in this process. There is a very fine line between getting inspired by others and wanting to be like others, todays quote is all about this.

It is important that you stay true to yourself, of course you're going to change as time goes by but at the end of the day you are the same person and there is no one like you. This, is integrity.

Getting your true colours to shine can sometimes seem hard because it is very common to get judged. My take on this is that you're going to get judged anyway. 

You need to know that no one can ever take your place and if you want to inspire others you need to first, love yourself and second try to be the best version of your self possible. 

Being who you really are is the key to loving oneself and being happy.



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