Procaffeinating, my Nespresso corner ♡

I'd like to confess that coffee and I have a love affair and want to make clear that my addiction to coffee is not related to its energizing effects but more to its absolutely delicious taste...

In my uni room there is very limited space but still I insisted on having my own little coffee bar. Sacrificing space in my luggage I decided to bring my own Nespresso machine which turned out not to work after two capsules. Fiasco. Despite this incident I decided not to give up on my coffee affair so I returned it in Spain and after a couple of weeks hesitating I got a new Inissia in Switzerland along with an Aeroccino and portable mug. All or nothing.

I bought the Inissia machine in black and took advantage of the offer that was going on at the moment and got 60chf back to spend!! :)
The Inissia is the smallest machine they have at the moment which came out at the beginning of this year, its ideal for travelling and plan to take it with me to my internship adventure. You can program lungos or espressos like any other Nespresso machine and its supper light weight. 

The Aeroccino is a milk frother which helps to create a hot or cold milk froth perfect for cappuccinos in a few seconds just by pressing a button. It is quiet and compact. I did not buy the newest version of the Aeroccino because I preferred the sleek design of the original one.

Next, I'm hoping to get a box for my capsules because currently I store them in their original boxes and also a couple of glass and ceramic cups to invite my friends. 

So this is my little Nespresso corner so far and also my place of study. Having my coffee machine on my desk is a perfect wait of procaffeinating! 

I also have my Moleskine which is my all time favourite planner with my iPad mini and pencil case. To the left of the machine I have two water bottles which I collect, the first one is TAU spring still water and the taller one Evian by Elie Saab. I also have my laptop where I do a lot of my work. Further to the left you can see a little treat I got to myself yesterday from Sandro to compensate for a rather disastrous Friday the 13th ;)

Thank you for reading, lots of love xoxo

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