Coffee, handbag, jewellery, hair & more!


After a couple of months of putting my blog to the side, I am back. Life has kept me busy but it has made me so happy! It has been a few months of travels and changes but now I am settled in Barcelona for three months after coming back from Shanghai. 

First, do you remember the I am saving for a handbag post from a few months ago? I did it, I bought one! It is not any of the ones I shared at first but I love it.
On the topic of shopping, while I was in Shanghai I invested in an amazing ring from a brand called Xang Xia. I'll write a full post about it very soon!

Another thing I discovered in Shanghai is the best coffee shop ever. Café del Volcán, again I am planning to explain you in a post in the next couple of weeks.

The blog is not the only thing I've put to the side. Exercise too, one thing I love so I am counting on myself to start being sporty once again! wish me luck ;) Being very busy has made me lazy on my free time and that's not ideal so I am thrilling to go down the healthy route once again.

Before I forget, I also got a new haircut, I love it!

I must not forget, I am still addicted to WeHeart and I have over 300 followers now! 

Today is news day; I have found an apartment for myself in Switzerland for when I come back in February! As I was expecting I passed the Annee Préparatoire successfully so I am ready to move to Bosc1 and I cannot wait.

This is all for today :)

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