Happy New Year | I'm officially on holiday!!!!!!!

Firstly, Happy 2015 Internship is finally over and I have 5 weeks for myself before going back to Lausanne, which I honestly cannot wait! 

Tomorrow big day I have my driving exam and get to go home, Madrid, for my mum's birthday. 

Usually I don't do new year resolutions but since timing is perfect because now I have time for myself I've decided I want to set myself two goals: 

  1. Detox. Its been everywhere over the last few months. My plan is a long term detox rather than few days one. I want to, by changing little things in my day-to-day achieve a healthier lifestyle from inside out. 
  2. Sketching. I've never been good at artistic drawing but I am very creative so I know I can push myself a little and try to develop a new skill, technical drawing. One of my passion is haute jewellery and I would love to learn to design. I hope I can share some sketches soon! 

And to welcome the new year...

Surprise surprise I cut my hair again into a lob!! 


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