First half of 2015 is over, looking back!

Summer holidays have started and I want to look back at the last semester...

I have officially finish Bosc1 (the first academic semester at EHL), received my successful grades last week, feeling beyond happy!!!! Now I can finally enjoy my summer. 

During this semester I have learnt a lot, not just academia but as a person. I have grown a lot. Throughout this six months I have taken care of my studies, joined the Golf Committee and successfully campaigned for Student Council presidency. I have made new friendships and realised others were not as worth it. 

Since February 2015 I have my own studio which is wonderful, it is the first time I have the freedom of living completely alone. It has taken me some time to decorate the studio but I believe it is almost set.

I have been exploring a lot in  the kitchen and developed a true passion for cuisine. I had the opportunity to participate in a Culinary Challenge which we won.

I leave with you a picture from our dessert we baked that day, have a great day and see you soon xxx

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