Happy 2016


I've had the nicest start of the year surrounded by great company and I really hope you too!

New Year Resolutions we all try, most people fail. I believe the trick to stick to your resolutions is to know yourself and be realistic. I have spent a considerable amount of time thinking about these: 
  1. Exercise twice a week. I know this is a basic one but I have always loved sports but lately I have been caught in the day to day of life and not making an effort to exercise. I know I do not like the gym so for that reason I am going to try alternatives. This week I am joining a yoga and pilates class at uni as well as boxing. Perfect for exam season to release energy. Later on I hope to go back to swimming. 
  2. A new recipe every week. I love love love love cooking! I always want to try new foods and recipes. This year I hope to try a new recipe every week, hopefully share it with you too! My entire life I have grown up eating healthy foods but the past year or so I have been enhancing this further (it was actually last years' resolution, now achieved :) 
  3. Read a book a month. "Too busy" should not be an excuse. I really enjoy reading and in 2015 I have not devoted any time for book this is why I am setting myself this goal. 
These three resolutions come along with a technology detox, I spend way too long on my phone/laptop connected to the internet, it is of course not so good for your health. My new year resolutions are based on off-line quality activities.  The three resolutions can be practiced alone or with company which is also great :) 

I am looking forward to the rest of the year, starting off with exams for three weeks then I will enjoy a 1 month break in February which I am very excited for! 

I wish you the very best for the New Year 

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